These cute earrings are the accessories every crazy cat lady has to have

Never be without your beloved cat again. Thanks to one Etsy store, you’ll always have your pet within… earshot.

Russian artist ‘Rita’ of ‘Cat Made’ makes earrings that resemble itty bitty decorative cats. Handcrafted from polymer clay, the accessories come in a variety of designs – or should I say breeds.

These include real-life felines like an orange tabby and a black cat, as well as ones based on fictional characters such as Pikachu and Doraemon. As a bonus to music lovers, there’s even a version that looks like David Bowie.

Rita, who lives in Novosibirsk in Siberia, made her first pair of earrings in 2011 after realising she had nothing to match her dress with a zombie cat design. So she made one herself, and has since been making these wonderful functional sculptures.

The earrings cost anywhere between AUS$32 (US$24.50) and AUS$38 (US$29.50), and are all available here.