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Yup, Apple once made sneakers and they’re now valued at $30K

Apparently, electronics aren’t the only Apple products that will drain your wallet.

From the mid-‘80s through the early ‘90s, Apple dabbled in fashion. In fact, they even had an entire catalogue filled with branded items like sweatshirts, caps, belts, as well as mugs, umbrellas, and a sail for your sailboat (?!).

One of these items was a pair of white sneakers. At the time, the shoes were only a prototype, and were only made available to employees. With few of these remaining in mint condition, it’s understandable that copping a pair will cost you.

Specifically, AUS$19,900 (US$15,000), according to a listing made by Heritage Auction.

The Apple sneakers are a men’s size 9.5, and is estimated to have a value of AUS$39,800 (US$30,000) – but the company believes it wouldn’t be surprising in the final sale went over that figure. The shoes were found in a garage sale in San Francisco.

Last year, someone – probably an Apple fanboy – bought a leather jacket worn by Steve Jobs for AUS$29,200 (US$22,000).

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