Featured Image for Everyone’s trying to figure out what the stain on Melania Trump’s birthday card is

Everyone’s trying to figure out what the stain on Melania Trump’s birthday card is

Melania Trump gave her husband a birthday card, and posted a pic of it on Twitter. But something about it wasn’t quite right.

It seems the picture, which looks innocent enough, contains one weird feature — a tiny dot in the middle of the card, which looks like a small stain:

You might have to look a little closer to actually see the dot though:

Photo of a birthday card from Melania Trump to her husband

Doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re married to someone like Donald Trump, anything you post to social media will be analyzed ad nauseam. So it’s not surprising that the internet decided to have a little fun with Melania’s stained birthday card.

Some Twitter users went for the obvious jokes, like these ones:

And of course, there had to be a few jokes about the Orange One’s fondness for spray-on tans:

But some went ahead and added details of their own, with the joke being that the tiny dot somehow contained a hidden message about the President. There was one about the seemingly unhappy marriage between Melania and Donald, suggesting the card had a hidden “SOS” cry for help:

But really, why would anyone think their marriage is unhappy? It’s perfectly normal for the President to have a much younger wife who lives hundreds of miles away from him, hidden away in a tower with his name on it. Perfectly normal!

Just like it’s perfectly normal to swat away your husband’s hand as he reaches out to hold it in a very public situation:

But the most compelling theory of all? That the tiny dot actually contains the secret word which is now at the heart of the Trump presidency:”Covfefe“. We may never know what it means, but here’s hoping that Melania does:

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