Featured Image for OMG, look at this Shiba Inu trying so hard to make us all thirsty

OMG, look at this Shiba Inu trying so hard to make us all thirsty

We all know that Shiba Inus are cute, but who would’ve guessed they could also be incredibly seductive?

Recently, the internet lost it after seeing a series of photos of a Shiba Inu named Roco posing promiscuously against a couch. It’s even made better with the pup looking over her shoulder and looking fiercely at the camera.

The ‘uninhibited’ images have been retweeted more than 38K times and have received more than 54K favourites. Also, lots of memes followed.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Roco’s owner explained that posing like this since she was a four-month-old pup.

. 今日もオネダリは欠かさない~。 . she does this when she wants to have more sweets. . #shibainulove #shibadog #shibastagram #shiba #柴犬 #柴犬ロコ

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“It’s nothing unusual because she does that pose every day… Maybe it’s because I’ve been taking so many photos since she was small, but she’s really good at looking into the camera and make human expressions.”

For dogs looking to get Roco’s number, we’re sorry to tell you that she already has a boyfriend.

He's Roco's boyfriend named Kanta. . . #柴犬 #shibainu #shiba #shibastagram #shibadog #shibainulove #柴犬ロコ

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Wow. Much sexy. So pose. See more of Roco over on Instagram.

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