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Millions of people shook by Spookers’ nightmare of a video

New Zealand’s haunted attraction Spookers has released a horrifying video of their “scarers” and it’s gone as viral as a zombie outbreak.

The managing director of the company, Julia Tukiri, said her husband Jemall filmed the video as part of a competition to see who could get the most Facebook shares.

It’s safe to say that when Jemall’s video gained over 50 million views, he won.

After the video went viral, the response was so great two people had to work full-time replying to all the private messages Spookers received.

It’s no surprise that the most common question Spookers received was, “When will you be open?”

Luckily Google Translate had Spooker’s back when inquiries came from countries all over the world, including Bolivia, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.

It’s clear that zombies, ghosts and demonic-looking creatures lurking around an abandoned psychiatric hospital are scaring people but not scaring people away.

Since the R-16 attraction opened in 2005, more than a million people have visited the ghastly theme park in South Auckland. It’s almost spooky how popular the theme park has become.