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Artist transforms her body in a series of surreal photographs

A Japanese photographer has reworked the boundaries of the human body, and the photographs are intriguing.

The photographer Mari Katayama has taken some pretty provocative artistic photographs in a series called How She Turned Her Body Into A Living Canvas.

The series delves into the artist having had her legs amputated during childhood as a result of a rare condition. The intimate photographs challenge the idea of ‘normal’ with a confronting arrangement of limbs and objects at various locations.

According to CNN Style, while working in a bar, the artist was told “a woman is no longer a woman when not wearing high heels.” This spurred her to produce a range of high-heeled shoes specifically for prosthetic legs and feet.

Katayama spoke about her works and creating art for the era in which she lives. She told CNN Style, “People would prominently regard physicality as my theme, but I’d rather create without thinking of anything specific at all. The theme depends on what I feel for the moment.”

The artist’s experience with childhood disease, seeing other children in pain and bedridden was all a huge contributor to her personality.

Due to her condition, her clothing had to be handmade by her mother and grandmother, which also gave her the experience of sewing things her own way, and creating costumes for her photography work. The props she works with are often associated with childhood, which she attributes to her “sadness of giving up childhood dreams even after growing up.”

If you want to see more, head to Mari Katayama’s website to follow her projects.

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