These realistic animal socks make it look like you have paws too

Online store ‘What On Earth’ is selling animal socks that let you walk in the shoes – or paws, rather – of your beloved pets.

The socks feature highly-realistic designs that resemble the paws of cats and dogs. Once you put it on, your leg would appear as if it’s covered in fur. Your feet, meanwhile, would look like it has claws and pads at the bottom.

We admit it’s a little weird, but then again, we love making baby talk to cats and dogs too, so these socks are quite right up our alley.

The animal socks are made from 100 percent polyester and are priced at AUS$15.75 (US$11.95) a pair. When you order, make sure to specify which design you want – lest you want some dog socks to mingle with your crazy cat lady shrine.