Monster great white shark rams into Aussie fisherman’s boat, everyone has terrifying Jaws flashbacks

A group of fishermen were only a mile off the coast of Port MacDonnell, South Australia when they noticed a massive great white shark repeatedly approaching their boat.

The crew had set out to catch gummy sharks and other school sharks to eat when they themselves were eyeballed by something much greater.

Of course, the entire close encounter was captured on tape, along with the incredulous laughs and remarks of the fishermen:

“Have a look at this.”

“That is unreal.”

“Holy f***!”


“Oh my god…”

“No way!”

The 15-foot great white elicited such strong responses because it was NOT merely passing by, but rather aggressively coming at the fishermen’s boat.

At one point in the tape, the shark can be seen slamming into the vessel with its tail, and shortly thereafter, the shark can be seen gnawing at the boat’s motor!

Those who were aboard the boat, and witnessed the fearless beast, can attest to the insanity of being threatened by of the most feared creatures in the sea.