Feisty giraffe attempts to headbutt unsuspecting guy

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, I’d 100% recommend following this guy’s lead by attempting to pet a feisty giraffe.

Poor guy, he wasn’t even coming on very strong but nevertheless, the giraffe was having none of it.

As shown in the video below, the innocent man gently put his hand out while inching forward towards the giraffe to gingerly pet it. However, that was right when the long-necked giant saw him.

It was then that the giraffe decided to swing it’s head backwards in an attempt to headbutt the man out of its personal space, but surprisingly enough, the man had great reflexes and leapt away from the lethal headbutt.

After witnessing a feisty giraffe interact with a ninja-like man, we are now left to wonder, how do we become friends with both of them?