People don’t know what to make of this hairy one-piece swimsuit

The internet is tearing its hair out over a swimsuit that lets you go buck naked without actually doing so.

Called the ‘Sexy Chest’ swimsuit, the disturbing and hair-raising one-piece suit features a highly-realistic screenprint of a dude’s shaggy chest, torso, and back. It comes in three skin tones (natural, tan, and dark), is available in six sizes (XS to XXL), and is on sale for AUS$59 (US$44.95).

Once worn, the swimsuit is bound to elicit some pretty strong reactions at the beach – or social media, for that matter. “I want to delete this image from my brain,” said one commenter, while another added: “this is why God doesn’t talk to us anymore.”

Here’s a mum flaunting her swimsuit, mentally scarring her kid forever in the process.

And if that’s not enough hair, you can even get the Sexy Chest tracksuit.

While there’s nothing wrong with ditching the razor and letting your body hair grow out, we’re really not sure what to make of body hair on your clothes.

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