Anime-inspired café ensures a ghoulishly good time by serving creepy, bloody meals

If you’re into anime and eating human flesh, you may want to head to this pop-up cafe for a pretty creepy experience.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo is the home of pop-up cafe The Guest Cafe and Diner where creepy and original dishes are served.

The cafe is decorated with a whole heap of stylised posters, costuming, and art inspired by the series Tokyo Ghoul.

Each drink and meal is based on a character and scenario from the series, which makes sense considering the show is a dark Japanese fantasy about a world in which ghouls live amongst humans and can only maintain their existence by eating human flesh. Meaning, these dishes are going to be pretty twisted.

On the menu we have Kaneki’s One-Eyed Curry, Hinami’s Hamburger Steak and Tsukiyama’s Eyeball Cheese Mousse.

We’re pretty sure there’s no human flesh in the dishes… though, we can’t be sure considering how realistic they are.

The cafe is serving until June 28th, so get along to Tokyo and visit… while you still can.