This Aussie café served pint-sized coffee in a carrot cup. Ugh!

This is getting out of hand. What happens when someone thinks they’re playing God, but they’re really just creating Frankenstein’s monster? Coffee served in a hollowed-out carrot, that’s what.

Seaforth restaurant/cafe ‘Locals Corner’ has gone where no pretentious suburban brunch spot has gone before, and they’re completely aware of it.

“We just like doing different things, we’ve being doing a few of these, one with an apple, one with an avocado, this week was a carrot and next week we will do something different,” cafe owner Vanja told Daily Mail Australia.

Have a look at the abomination:

Why in the world would anyone do this? Just for fun, apparently.

This came a few months after the cafe consummated two pillars of hipsterdom – coffee and avocados:

Thoughts? Would you be willing to add a twist of fruit or veg to your morning coffee?

However you feel about these questionable creations, one thing’s for sure – Locals Corner doesn’t believe in bad publicity. So we’ll be a good sport and throw them a bone for their efforts.

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