Featured Image for The South Korean president’s bodyguard is so good looking that he’s got the Internet all hot and bothered

The South Korean president’s bodyguard is so good looking that he’s got the Internet all hot and bothered

South Korea has been making international headlines for very different reasons to its northern neighbour.

The small Asian nation has caught the attention of global media because it turns out President Moon Jae-in’s bodyguard is one very beautiful man.

People have been joking that 35-year-old Choi Young-jae is going to need his own bodyguards to keep his fans at bay while he does his job keeping the president safe.

You would think that this handsome guard would draw unwanted attention to the president, but some people are speculating that it is part of a tactic to distract the public from the corruption scandal that ended former president Park Geun-hye’s reign.

Sorry to break your hearts, though, “He is ‘unfortunately’ married and has two daughters,” reports The Korea Times.

Aside from sexy Young-jae, Cho Kuk (senior presidential civil affairs secretary) also joins this party of pretties. He apparently receives enough attention for his good looks that he has started to feel uncomfortable.

Im Jong-seok is another member of the sexy government officials. He was so popular at Hanyang University that when he ran for class president, he was reportedly forced to print more campaign posters as they were stolen by 20-year-old women swooning over the man.

It looks to us like South Korea is doing some pretty sneaky business and trying to distract you with beautiful men.

Either way, these guys are definitely who we should be taking political advice from.

Via The Korea Times


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