These rose-shaped doughnuts look good enough to eat

Get ready to froth, because some decadently designed donuts are making their way into our lives.

New York’s doughnut eatery Doughnut Plant has created one of the most unusual doughnuts you will ever see, in the shape of a rose. Finally, a Valentine’s rose  worth having.

Each doughnut is made by hand, so every doughnut ( or rose-nut, as we are calling them) is completely unique.

Besides looking pretty, the donuts are dripping with mouthwatering glaze. If the glaze doesn’t make you happy, nothing will.

The company also makes some other pretty fancy donuts. Here’s one for you health freaks.

They also celebrate the luck of the Irish with this St. Patrick’s day themed ring of goodness.

Apparently the donuts are so good, they’ll disappear right off your plate.