Featured Image for Lingerie label Marieyat dives into traditional Japanese swimwear

Lingerie label Marieyat dives into traditional Japanese swimwear

London lingerie label Marieyat has revealed their latest collection, and their inspiration may surprise you.

Collection III from lingerie label Marieyat includes both lingerie and swimwear that has been inspired by the 2000-year-old practice of free diving, carried out by all-female Ama divers in Japan.

Ama are divers famous for collecting pearls. They do so without the assistance of oxygen tanks and traditionally dived wearing only fundoshi (loincloth).

The collection comprises Marieyat’s trademark deconstructed lingerie styles in swim-ready versions, as well as new functional and versatile styles of underwear. The Ama Thong takes traditional inspiration from the fundoshi, while the Float Brief has a belt detail on the waist that mimics an Ama diver’s belt.


Speaking to Dazed, designer Marie Yat discussed the Ama elements that informed her design. “There are details like drawstrings, braided bindings and twisted panels throughout the collection. We wanted to create pieces that have movement – the action of tightening a drawstring on a brief reminds us of when the Ama divers tighten the rope on their waist,” she said.

Old photographic images influenced the colour palette, which Yat described as, ” The blue is slightly faded and the orange is vibrant, resembling the burning sun”.

Preview the lookbook and shop the entire collection soon at Marieyat’s online store.