Featured Image for Dove creates diverse body wash bottles to celebrate diverse bodies

Dove creates diverse body wash bottles to celebrate diverse bodies

The latest part of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign have seen the company’s message made physical.

Dove and advertising company Ogilvy UK have launched a limited edition set of Dove Body Wash bottles that come in various shapes and sizes. WHY? to celebrate the diversity in beauty, of course.

The Real Beauty Bottles come in various shapes and sizes, to represent (and celebrate) the diversity in beauty.

“We’ve championed this version of beauty for the past 60 years, and celebrated diverse women in our ground-breaking real beauty campaigns. But we wanted to bring this to life through our products, too,” Dove said in a statement.

Each of the six bottle designs has a different combination of size, curves and edges which creates a range of unique and beautiful shapes. While the bottle is not available for purchase, thousands were sent to 15 different countries on five continents, as gifts for fans and inspirational women who are helping advance the beauty debate.

Dove body wash bottles

Andre Laurentino, global executive creative director for Unilever at Oglivy UK said The Real Beauty Bottles are “deceivingly simple and quite nuanced: a message about our body conveyed by Dove bottles themselves, it cares for the physical and the emotional, and it brings brand essence and product design seamlessly together”.

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