Avril Lavigne fans share “solid proof” of her 2003 death on social media

If they can’t kill your career, they’ll try to kill you. Tough industry, man. For several years now, a small but dedicated corner of the internet has been insisting that early 2000s pop punk sensation Avril Lavigne is dead.

This kind of conspiracy is pretty common in Hollywood – Betty White is a common victim – but this one is proving particularly persistent.

Now, while the piece linked above isn’t exactly Pulitzer material, it neatly lays out the foundation of the theory that Avril Lavigne succumbed to depression and committed suicide in 2003, and that her hired lookalike Melissa Vandella has been impersonating her this ENTIRE time.

Twitter user @givenchyass resurrected the theory in this thread, and the tall tale grew some legs once again as fans collected a body of proof, and it was amusing to say the least. Take a look:

And then of course, there’s this eyebrow-raising line of reasoning:

What do you think, is Avril Lavigne still alive and well? Or is Melissa playing all of us?

You can follow Avril (or is it Melissa?!) on Twitter or Instagram to decide for yourself.