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California city apologizes for tweeting a racist and terrible pun

The city of Hayward in northern California is in hot water after tweeting a taco pun to promote a council meeting discussing whether or not to become a sanctuary city.

The tweet featured an illustration of a taco, along with the pun, “Let’s Taco Bout It.” Two other tweets, meanwhile, promoted other events using the hashtag ‘#TacoBoutItTuesday’.

These obviously didn’t sit well with the immigrant community, many of whom are from Mexico.

“Obviously, I was offended, as a Latina and an immigrant,” said resident Denize Sanchez. “When we use cultural appropriations like equating a taco to Latinos, we take a few steps back. It’s a little bit disrespectful.”

After being called out for their act of bigotry, the city council has since taken down the tweets and apologised. According to city spokesman Chuck Finnie, the meme wasn’t related to the meeting about sanctuary cities, and that it was just a play on the phrase ‘Taco Tuesdays’.

He added that officials are “upset and embarrassed” over the social media gaffe.

There is good news, however. On Tuesday, the city officially became a sanctuary city. The approved resolution guarantees that “every Hayward resident, regardless of immigration status, has equal access to city services and equal service…”

Hayward joins other Bay Area municipalities in adopting sanctuary designations, some of these include San Francisco, Alameda, and Santa Cruz, as well as Fremont, Oakland, San Pablo, and Richmond, among others.


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