Yes, people are actually searching for fidget spinners on PornHub

It seems the hype of fidget spinners has entered – or should I say, penetrated – a new phase.

Fidget spinners have popped up almost everywhere. After taking over classrooms and playgrounds, the highly-addictive toy now has the attention of adults. YEP, fidget spinner porn is a thing.

According to PornHub, there’s been a surge in searches for fidget spinners on the site.

“Fascination with Fidget Spinners has really taken off the last few months,” PornHub said. “Our statisticians found that as of may May 10th, searches began to grow, with a massive overnight increase on May 16th, and hitting an all time high on May 21st.

“In just over 10 days, there were 2.5 million Fidget Spinner searches on Pornhub, making it the top trending term and 5th most popular search in May!”

But don’t get too excited yet, you pervs. While videos with titles like ‘1000MPH Fidget Spinner Bisexual Threesome’ and ‘Dank Fidget Spinner on Hot Ass’ exist, there’s nothing there but actual spinning. Welp.

But if that’s really your thing, then to each his own, I guess.