WATCH: Leaked audio of Britney Spears’ raw vocals is blowing people’s minds

Britney Spears’ singing has copped her fair share of criticism over the years.

Often derided as little more than a hot chick who could lip-sync and dance, as Rodney Dangerfield would say, Britney’s vocals didn’t ‘get no respect’.

This impression wasn’t helped by videos like the one below which show Britney’s um…less than impressive set of pipes.

However, a leaked studio recording has now gone a long way to redeeming the ‘Baby One More Time’ star.

The raw, unedited, un-autotuned audio was ripped from a studio session while recording ‘Toxic’ and shows Spears’ genuinely impressive vocal chops.

Brit breezes through the notoriously difficult bridge and chorus, showing why record execs had her picked for a bonafide star at a young age.

It’s a welcome bit of good PR for the 35-year-old who was recently embarrassed on stage when she accidentally ripped her mic off at a gig in Tokyo and was caught lip syncing.