Featured Image for We asked artist Alex Lehours to tell us what has him MOST excited about Vivid 2017

We asked artist Alex Lehours to tell us what has him MOST excited about Vivid 2017

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Noticed anything different about Sydney lately? Perhaps it’s just a little more vibrant than usual. Yep, Vivid is on, and we’re in awe of the incredible displays of light, music, and ideas that have saturated the city.

Some 2.3 million people are expected to attend and, all up, there will be 400 music events, 260 idea talks and conferences, and 90 light installations. Pretty sweet! Head on over here to find out more.

We asked one of our favourite local creatives, artist and designer, Alex Lehours, to give us the inside word on the one Vivid event he’s most buzzed to see this year.

TOKYO DISCO (Until 16th June)

“I have always admired Tokyo as a city and culture but only recently traveled there for the first time. I absolutely loved what I experienced. An amazing city that has so much to offer. From the traditional to the modern-bizarre, this is a city that never ceased to amaze me.

“To be able to experience some of the enigmatic, wild and crazy happenings of the Tokyo nightlife right here in Sydney is definitely something I will be checking out for myself.

Tokyo Disco

“A few fun nights out with some big name DJs, bright lights, and eccentric performances will surely remind me and take me back to a time, not so long ago, where a constant sense of wonderment, confusion and exhilaration dominated my day to day mindset.”


Tumbalong Lights

Featuring 32 “dazzling beams of light” making their way through the evening sky, the Tumbalong Lights exhibition showcases intricate programming to create beautiful patterns as visitors walk between the raised lights. It’s a sublime display of lighting, which will inspire and excite.

Darling Harbour: Until June 17

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