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You ain’t never seen chess like this before

Chess has been around for about 14 centuries, and while it’s certainly evolved since its beginnings as ‘chaturaṅga’ in India, we haven’t seen a massive change to the game in about 500 years.

Grandmasters and recreational players alike have constantly been unearthing new combinations, permutations and strategies – but big, fundamental changes to the gameplay haven’t really taken off.

So Aussie chess-lover and entrepreneur, Aimee Simpson has decided to take on the traditionalists and introduce a modern twist on the game – Chessplus.

The big difference with Chessplus is that you can join pieces together to create ‘merged pieces’.

So for example, if you merge a bishop and a pawn – this new piece can either move incrementally forward like a pawn or diagonally like a bishop.

Chessplus pieces

It’s a simple alteration but the result is a rapid, fast-paced game opening up a whole new universe of play options.

“There’s no playbook for Chesspluss, it’s exciting and unexpected. It’s a real leveller of ability, and fun for everyone. The great thing is that you can also use the pieces to play traditional chess,” Christian Simpson, Aimee’s father and co-creator, said.

Not only is it made to shake up traditional chess, the pieces, designed by award-winning industrial designer Adam Laws, are utterly stunning.

“Together the merged pieces look like a complete chess piece, but take them apart and you see the beautiful waveform at the back – almost like a regal gown or robe. It’s both modern and traditional and looks stunning laid out on the board,” Adam says.

Head over to their Kickstarter campaign to find out more.