Trudeau and Obama going on a date is exactly what the world needs right now

It’s the bromance to end all bromances, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama.

The pair has a lot in common. They’re both progressive political leaders who have served as heads of state, they’re both social media darlings, they’re both fairly young (by politician’s standards) and they’re both effortlessly cool.

So you can understand why the Internet swooned its ass off when the pair met up in Montreal.

Obama came to the Canadian’s hometown to discuss how to get more young people politically engaged in their communities and..well..everyone couldn’t deal.

Trudeau is the latest in a long line of illustrious bromances for the big O.

After leaving office in January, the President famously bro’d out with British billionaire Richard Branson:

And of course who could forget the man-love between himself and Vice President Joe Biden:

The combined forces of Obama and Trudeau can’t be a bad thing – especially when you remember that Donald Trump is still actually President of the United States in real life.

Between those two, Emmanual Macron we have the holy trinity of progressive political babes.

May they save our souls.