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A special Lost At E Minor Guide to Vivid Sydney: Light

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With Vivid Sydney into its ninth year, Australia’s major winter event promises to be bigger, better, and more memorable than ever. The festival, which runs until 17 June, will celebrate the city as THE creative hub of Asia-Pacific by hosting programs centred around the themes of light, music, and ideas.

The different large-scale installations, music performances, and creative discussions and debates, will be held in various iconic locations around Sydney. These include The Rocks, Martin Place, Darling Harbour, Carriageworks, Taronga Zoo, The Royal Botanic Garden, and of course, The Sydney Opera House.

With so many things to see, hear, and feel, it can be pretty overwhelming (spoiler: it will be). So here are the highlights on the theme of Light come opening night.

Uncovered World

Uncovered World

Ever wondered what lies beneath Sydney? You might be thinking sewage pipes and utility lines, but at Vivid Sydney, you’d be wrong.

In their interactive installation, entitled Uncovered World, studio ‘Propaganda Mill’ gives us a glimpse of surreal worlds that secretly exist beneath our feet. Located at The Rocks, the event combines trompe l’oeil chalk pavement art with digital mapping and state-of-the-art projection mapping.

The result will reveal portals opening up and taking us to faraway lands. A word of caution: watch your step!

The Rocks: Until June 17

Tumbalong Lights

Featuring 32 “dazzling beams of light” making their way through the evening sky, the Tumbalong Lights exhibition showcases intricate programming to create beautiful patterns as visitors walk between the raised lights. It’s a sublime display of lighting, which will inspire and excite.

Darling Harbour: Until June 17


The MUSIC box installation

Another creation from studio ‘Propaganda Mill’, the installation MUSICbox lets you orchestrate a stunning display of lights and colours using music.

Found at the historic Cadman’s Cottage, the interactive event invites you to step onto one of four ‘stages’, complete with a massive projection of a keyboard on the floor. You and the other participants will then be able to collaborate and make musical compositions together.

With each note having a corresponding visual display, you’re bound to produce a show that will mesmerise!

Cadman’s Cottage, The Rocks: Until June 17

Light of Thoughts

And for something completely different… Light of Thoughts is an installation running until June 17 at Macquarie Place Park of a giant brain made from semi-transparent acrylic material that passerby are invited to stimulate and learn about how the brain works when in different stages of thought.

This interactive exhibition will enable you to see the inner-workings of the mind, using simple hand movements which will activate ‘thoughts’ that are “transmitted into the brain via lighting cubes”.

Sound fun? We agree. Be sure to get along to this unique Chinese collaboration between Pak Lighting, Huawei, and Xiaomi Yeelight.

Macquarie Place Park: Until June 17

Audio Creatures

Audio Creatures

Believe it or not, the Sydney Opera House’s blank walls are about to become the Amazon rainforest!

Sydney artist and art director Ash Bolland has teamed up with Brazilian composer Amon Tobin and Olympic veterans Spinifex in turning the sails of the iconic structure into a canvas for flora and fauna. Called Audio Creatures, the show will use lights and sounds to transport audiences from the CBD to a lush land teeming with wildlife.

Bennelong Point: Until June 17

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