Jerry Seinfield rejecting Kesha’s hug is the most amazingly brutal thing you’ll see today

Earlier this week singer pop star, Kesha, and beloved actor, Jerry Seinfeld, attended the National Night Of Laughter and Song in Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center. However, somehow things took a turn for the awkward when Jerry Seinfeld rejected Kesha’s hug not once, not twice, but three times!

Seinfeld was in the middle of being interviewed by 94.7 Fresh FM radio host, Tommy McFly, when Kesha ran up and interrupted the interview to declare her love for the comedian. Kesha then followed her confession by a request to hug him.

Seinfeld immediately responded with, “No thanks.” Not letting the rejection get her down, Kesha persisted by pleading, “Please?” but Seinfeld held his ground by responding with the same, “No thanks.”

Kesha, now willing to compromise on the size of the hug, bargained, “A little one?” but to Kesha’s dismay the same answer prevailed, “Yeah…no thanks.”

Once Kesha fled the awkward scene, Seinfeld jovially revealed to his interviewer that he didn’t know who that was. When McFly told him that it was Kesha, Seinfeld happily wished her well.

On Twitter, people took to the cringe-worthy interaction by having some fun with it:

Moral of the story? Seinfeld is not a hugger, so don’t even try.

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