In Russia, cakes turn into paintings with ‘brushstroke’ chocolates

When they said that “life imitates art,” we never thought they were talking about cakes.

Kalabasa Bakery in Moscow, Russia, makes cakes that you could easily mistake for a priceless Impressionist painting.

Each multi-layered dessert is decorated with what the bakers refer to as “painted chocolate feathers”, or basically chocolates that resemble streaks of paint. Once these ‘feathers’ are stuck onto the pastry, the cake starts to take on abstract qualities.

Fruits, berries, and splashes of syrup are also added to compliment the colourful brushstrokes.

It’s hard to imagine cutting up and eating something that looks so precious. As they say in every museum, “look but don’t touch”, or in this case, “look but don’t taste.”

Check out Kalabasa Bakery’s Instagram account to see more of their stunning confections.