Featured Image for Ex-couples are posting #DivorceSelfies proving that separation is not always ugly

Ex-couples are posting #DivorceSelfies proving that separation is not always ugly

Smile, I still hate you. The internet truly brings out the best and brightest sides of people. In our latest feel-good discovery, we’ve come across the trend of #DivorceSelfies, wherein recently separated couples post a photo of themselves, usually after making the split official.

“Though some people aren’t really sure how to feel about it, others are lauding the divorce selfie as a positive and mature take on an otherwise difficult and somber event,” writes Giedre of Bored Panda.

We completely agree. Despite the Ex hate that’s more than common across the world, there’s no real unwritten rule that you have to completely sever ties and can’t be friends/friendly with your former ball and chain.

We’ve selected a few of these snapshots, from the amicable to the “That one doesn’t look too happy about it” – check them out:

Видите эту счастливую пару? Знаете, чему они радуются? Не поверите – собственному разводу! В #Instagram новый тренд. Подробности и фото – на metronews.ru ?#metro #metronews #metrorussia #gazetametro #газетаMetro #divorce #divorceselfie #selfie #wow#like4like #likeforlike #dailynews #daily #dailynewspaper #instagramtrends

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#RozandMocha: Shannon & Chris a Calgary couple’s #divorceselfie, taken in front of the Calgary Courts Centre in downtown Calgary after they had filed for divorce, has gone viral.

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How’s that for a cheerful divide?

Some felt the need to become a bit emotional about it, which is totally fine:

To let go isn’t to forget, not think about or ignore. It doesn’t leave feelings of anger, jealousy or regret. Letting go isn’t winning and it isn’t losing. It’s not about pride and it’s not about how you appear and it’s not obsessing or dwelling on the past. Letting go isn’t blocking memories or thinking sad thoughts and doesn’t leave emptiness, hurt or sadness. It’s not giving in or giving up. Letting go isn’t about loss and it’s not defeat. To let go is to cherish the memories, but to overcome and move on. It is having an open mind and confidence in the future. Letting go is accepting. It is learning and experiencing and growing. To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry and made you grow. It’s about all that you have, all that you had and all that you will gain. Letting go is having the courage to accept change and the strength to keep moving. Letting go is growing up, it is realising that the heart can sometimes be the most potent remedy. To let go is to open a door and to clear a path and set yourself free. #DivorceSelfie #420 ?

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And some looked really cute as a couple. Well, that book is closed.

Divorced! #divorce #divorceselfie #betterapart

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Now, while some of these #DivorceSelfies will be poignant and seemingly authentic, surely there are others who just amuse themselves by riding the trend.

Who knew? #divorceselfie is latest thing on #socialmedia , they're are a combination of #awkward , #amazing ,#fun and #law ! https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanschocket2/divorce-selfies-are-the-newest-thing-and-theyre-awkward-and?utm_term=.qpj2pR6Xm#.iyNdvzNeQ #divorce #attorney #lawyer #roc #rochesterny #selfies #justdivorced

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In any case, we’re glad this became a thing and these photos surfaced. There’s nothing like seeing two people share relief or perhaps even joy after a long period of time possibly hating and wanting to kill each other.

We’d like to see future divorcees improve their selfie game, though. Where are the nice suits? Aren’t you supposed to dress your best on your divorce day? Perhaps a funky hat here and more creative camera work there. Let’s up the ante, shall we?

Come on, Millennials. You came up with this, now don’t do it half-assed.

For more #DivorceSelfies, click the link below.

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