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Artist’s Brexit-themed vases ask people to make another important decision

An artist has created two vases which symbolise both the battle for Brexit and the struggle to remain with the European Union.

The artist, Grayson Perry, asked his followers on social media to describe what England meant in terms of ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’. People then submitted pictures and phrases they deemed apt for each vase, and surprisingly, the huge pots ended up being oddly similar to each other.

Both had similar elements from British culture, such as pubs, bacon and eggs, marmite, David Bowie, famous landmarks, and family. They have been coined a matching pair by Perry himself.

In an interview with Sunday Express, Perry told them: “The two pots have come out looking remarkably similar, which is a good result, for we all have much more in common than that which separates us.”

Brexit vases

Perry also spoke fondly of the similarities between what each individual person chose as symbols of England.

“I asked people to send me photographs of things they love about Britain and they were very similar. They all sent me pictures of their local church, very British landmarks, a fry-up, the local pub, walking the dog, the children, a nice sunset… Both the Remain and Leave groups picked the teapot as their favourite symbol.

“The composition and the form of the things were all in my control but the content, the actual choice of images, colour, symbols is all crowd-sourced.”

As for the differences? The ‘Remain’ pot picked images of the late MP Jo Cox, Barack Obama, Gandhi, and Shakespeare. The ‘Leave’ pot, meanwhile, chose photos of the Queen, Sir Francis Drake, chocolate brand Cadbury’s, and a woman with a “crazy chicken lady” on her shirt. Go figure.

You can see the vases on display at Serpentine Gallery from June 8 to September 10.

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