That’s right, a talented bear broke into a home to play the piano

Disappointingly, the animal did not play and sing The Bare Necessities.

In Vail, Colorado, resident Katie Hawley came home to find her kitchen and living room had been trashed. Suspecting a burglary, she called the police, who determined that a black bear had entered through an open kitchen window and took food from the freezer.

But the case doesn’t end there. Upon checking her CCTV footage, Hawley found that the bear wasn’t just a thief, but also a musician!

The following video shows the bear wandering around the living room and eventually standing up to play the piano.

“He’s not very good,” said Hawley. “He needs a couple of lessons.”

The police department released a statement following the incident: “The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly.”

Unable to track down the beast, the cops added that “the suspect is still at large.”

Via Mashable