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This cat is so adventurous, he’s visiting every national park in the US

There are outdoor cats, then there’s Vladimir, the great outdoors cat.

Vladimir, or Vlad for short, has been travelling with his family since birth and has visited 52 of the USA’s 59 state parks already.

How does he get to travel this much? Well, the feline’s owners – Cees Cornelis, Madison Elizabeth, and their son Theodore – have been living life on the road for 10 months now in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the National Park Service.

They document all of their adventures on Instagram, and Vlad has become quite the online celebrity.

Meet #VladimirKitten: part adventure cat who thinks he's a dog, part straight up ? #Caturday

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“He has redefined what it means to be an adventure cat. He loves to be outside with his humans; he has been everywhere with them from glaciers to sand dunes,” the family’s website said. “He enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, and has even rappelled off some pretty high rocks!”

All you cat ladies out there, watch out – Vladimir is #ontheprowl

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But, like the rest of his furry brethren, Vlad can also be quite the jerk.

“He can be kind of a stinker when things don’t go his way. He loves to chase rocks, destroy nerf darts, and most recently has developed an obsession with baby pacifiers,” the family added.

“We think his last habit is a protest move toward his new ‘cuteness competition.’”

I wish I could get this excited about eating salad ? #VladimirKitten

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Follow Vlad’s progress on Instagram as he and his fam attempt to visit the remaining seven state parks on their list.

Watch out for wildcats in the Grand Canyon #caturday

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It's Caturday people! We took Vladimir Kitten in his first canyon! Check out the rest of baby's first snow experience on our blog. Link in bio ? #vladimirkitten #lifeofadventure #wanderlust #homeiswhereyouparkit #mountainlife #exploremore #theroadlesstraveled #staywild #greettheoutdoors #beautifulplaces #neature #rvlife #optoutside #campingwithcats #adventurecat #mountaincat #babyanimals #trailkitty #catsonwalks #meow #weekendvoyagers #mykittenfix #caturday #adventurecatsorg

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Our idea of a perfect summer afternoon ?? just paddling around on Hume lake outside of Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP. There's no better way to expand our playground! @orukayak #vladimirkitten

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Because we've been asked before, here it is ? Day hiking essentials for humans and kitties: * @mountainsmith Scream 25 L pack (sweet waist and chest straps for support) * @hydroflask 32 oz water bottle (keeps the bev either super cold or super hot depending on what you put in it) * @ucogear headlight (we ❤️ it because it's super lightweight and compact #staylit) * @clifbar human snacks (Kit's Organic are our faves fo sho… made with fruits and nuts ??) * @gopro Hero 4 (for those selfies, since we have stubby arms ?) * @bivyapp (to find, track and share all our adventures) * @survivalstraps (you never know when you're gonna need some string) * Homemade first aid kit (we learned our lesson the hard way that time when Cees hatcheted his ankle and we had nothing ?) * @proplancat (kitty "crunchies" for the trail) * @ventev_mobile (best backup phone battery charger ?) * @chacofootwear National Park edition sandals (because we're a little obsessed with the parks) * Come with Me Kitty harness (size small) + Chaco pet leash * #VladimirKitten (don't forget the adventure cat ? )

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Somebody is excited for road life again ?

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