Featured Image for Badass man calmly mows his lawn while there’s a tornado behind him

Badass man calmly mows his lawn while there’s a tornado behind him

This past Friday, Cecilia Wessels captured a mindblowing photo in Three Hills, a neighbourhood close to her home in Alberta, Canada.

Cecilia’s photo, which captured a massive tornado, in itself is crazy cool, but what made this particular photo mind-boggling was her husband who was casually mowing his lawn as the tornado throbbed menacingly behind him.

Cecilia posted the bizarre photo of her husband, Theunis, and the tornado on Facebook and wrote, “My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair,”

Although Cecilia didn’t think too much of the unorthodox picture, others were baffled by the lawn-mowing man who was, quite literally, undying in his dedication to the maintenance of his lawn.

Furthermore, it’s not every day you see something so incredibly badass.

What kind of man would risk his life at the hands of a merciless tornado spinning towards him? However, that’s just it, as it turns out the tornado wasn’t directed towards the husband or wife at all.

As a matter of fact, the tornado was pretty far away and was moving in the opposite direction of the Wessel’s house.

The only reason Cecilia had even noticed the twister to begin with was because her child had woken her up from a nap to point it out, and Cecilia said the only reason she had snapped the pic was to show her parents in South Africa.

Cecilia described the scene to Times Colonist, insisting that all of her neighbours were heart-set on taking pictures of the storm, while her her husband on the other hand, was only concerned with the lawn due to how far away the twister was.

Besides, Theunis reassured the world by claiming he was “keeping an eye on it”.

Even though tornados can travel up to 60 mph, this video proved it to be going pretty damn slow. But regardless of the tornado’s speed, Theunis will always go down as an utter badass in my book.

And for anyone who thinks the photo is a hoax, Cecilia provided a few more photos to Sonic 102.9.

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