Featured Image for Fake? News! Half of Donald Trump’s 30 million followers on Twitter are fake

Fake? News! Half of Donald Trump’s 30 million followers on Twitter are fake

US President Donald Trump has the best Twitter followers, all the Twitter followers, the most tremendous Twitter followers. You could even say his Twitter following is huge.

But there’s just one problem – there’s a whole lotta fake.

Recent analysis of just how many of his followers are real and how many are bots created to boost his numbers has shown that approximately 15 million are real, and 15 million are fake.

For a man who has made his career out of faking it, I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Even though he’s apparently a billionaire, he gives cheap shitty jewellry as gifts – as Charlie Sheen tells in this clip.

For those who know a bit about Twitter, the fact that some accounts are made up largely of fake followings isn’t really a big deal. Some of the biggest stars on Twitter – Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and indeed former US President Barack Obama – also have a proportion of robot followers to boost their numbers.

But perhaps what’s really strange about Trump’s following is that it has become more artificial in recent months. Many folks in the entertainment industry – of which I guess Trump is a part – will often buy Twitter followers early in their career to make it seem like they’ve got a better following than they do.

As their star rises, their following gradually gets infused with real followers – with each of the top three accounts I just mentioned pushing 100 million followers.

Trump on the other hand has boosted his Twitter following by 10 million since he became President – but most of those have been bots.

A January assessment showed that 32 per cent of his 20 million followers were bots.

Back in 2016, when he was just the ‘You’re Fired’ guy, eight per cent of his 7.5 million followers were fake – illustrating a whole lot of bot buying has gone on.

There’s no official word from the White House, but considering the kerfuffle over his inauguration crowd size, I’d hazard a guess that he’s trying to buy his way to the top.

(He’s still a good 60 million followers behind arch rival Obama, so he’s probably going to have to buy a whole lot more followers should he wish to ‘catch’ the former President).

As tallied by NewsWeek, 80 per cent of Obama’s are real.

We’ll leave it up to Teri Hatcher to bring the burn on this one.

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