Aussie musician Mookhi on Flying Lotus, one of her biggest musical inspirations

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Flying Lotus seems to penetrate nearly every conversation of this day and age when it comes to music, and more recently film.

I cannot deny the significance behind my first listen. It was 2008 when I came across ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ and ‘Massage Situation’ from his EP ‘Reset’ (2007).

I was honestly hit by a wave of pure stupefaction. I had never heard anything within the electronic genre that had offered a cacophony of weird glitchy sounds and noises with such divine and intricate melodies and moods.

Being an avid jazz listener I was intrigued by the L.A beatmaker’s heritage, and it soon became clear that his music (over time) began to hold the influence of Alice Coltrane.

Both explored grief through music; Alice, within her first solo-album ‘A Monastic Trio’ a tribute to her late husband John Coltrane, and Steven (Flying Lotus) within ‘Cosmogramma’ following the death of his mother.

His album paints ghostly tapestries of mechanical and recorded samples, even using the recorded beeps of his mother’s life support. Without any doubt, Flying Lotus will remain my biggest source of inspiration.

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