Elephants running to welcome a new baby elephant is so precious

A video of a herd of elephants running to greet their newest member shows just how these animals are too pure for this world.

At the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand, a two-year-old baby elephant named Dok Geaw was recently taken in. You see, the little pachyderm was orphaned at only four months old when his mum passed away from neglect by their previous owners.

Fortunately for Dok Geaw, he was saved and nurtured by a woman named Khun Kanjana Silpa-Archa. Once he was ready, the baby elephant moved to Elephant Nature Park to meet his new family, who can be seen in the video running to welcome him with open arms – or trunks, rather. Awww.

Yesterday we welcomed Dok Geaw, the orphaned baby elephant to the park. He is 1year and 9 months old who lost his mother since he was only 4 months. We will do the best to privide him a good life. #ElephantNaturePark #ENP #BabyElephant #elephants #elephantsanctuary #TheHerd #ElephantRescue

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Dok Geaw might have had a rough and lonely start in life, but it looks like he’ll be in good company from now on!

If you want to help other elephants in need, you can send a donation to the Elephant Nature Park here. The money raised would be spent on veterinary care, food, and maintenance of chain-free enclosures.

Baby Dok Geaw stay in his shelter. We can see he love to lie down and play on a sand pile. #ElephantNaturePark #ENP #elephantsanctuary #TheHerd #BabyElephant #ElephantRescue

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