Catnani is the robot that’ll keep your cats off countertops

Who knew we’d live to see the day when we can leave our cats at home without them tearing it apart?

Surely, when the Japanese were building all those robots that could make coffee and work in hospitals, they must’ve thought of this one. No? Well, we’re glad someone did.

Pet lovers Greg, Ted, and Alex have had years and years of combined experience with four-legged friends, when they decided to team up to clear the world’s countertops of (mostly) cats. They put their heads together to create Catnani, the brilliant little device hoping to change the lives of millions the world over.

Check it out in the video below:

Pretty cool, huh? A Catnani device goes for over AUS$90 (US$67), with two percent of all profits going to the Animal Humane Society.

Take a look at the color schemes here:

Of course, feedback has gone both ways. Some are thrilled to know a product like this has been invented:

While there will always be doubters:

Okay, we’ll admit, we laughed at that one.

Unfortunately, as of writing, the team still has a long way to go before hitting their target.

If you’re willing to give the Catnani a scratch, pay its Indiegogo page a visit.