Featured Image for This artist turns old Amazon boxes into the most badass sculptures

This artist turns old Amazon boxes into the most badass sculptures

Instead of throwing out used Amazon cardboard boxes (or giving them to her cat, if she had a cat), Japanese artist Monami Ohno turns the material into works of art.

Having studied 3D animation at Osaka University of the Arts, she uses her expertise to transform the unconventional material into spectacular sculptures.

Some of her past works include a rifle, a collection of tanks, and replicas of the Millennium Falcon, the ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean, and Godzilla, to name a few. Each item is made up of hundreds – if not thousands – of tiny pieces meticulously glued together to achieve their realistic looks.

A cardboard tank

Equally impressive is the fact that she doesn’t use advanced software and expensive equipment to make these. She only has a pair of scissors, a box cutter, a ruler, glue, and masking tape.

A cardboard Godzilla

Ohno discovered her passion for cardboard box art after she found that 3D animation software was too expensive. So she channeled her creativity towards recycled materials instead.

“I tried making something out of [the boxes],” she said, “found out that cardboard is a surprisingly fun medium to work with, and from there I really started getting into creating with it!”

A cardboard DeLorean

A cardboard DeLorean

A cardboard DeLorean

To know more about Monami Ohno, head on over to her website.

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