What if North Korea was re-branded as the country of love?

Reknowned Swedish creative agency Snask has developed a whole branding kit for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, including new uniforms, a spiffy logo and of course, a redesigned flag.

Snask is a multi-award-winning agency with high-profile clients such as Microsoft and H&M. Aside from their unorthodox approach, they are well known in the advertisement industry for their book Make Enemies & Gain Fans: The Snask Way Of Becoming A Successful Creative Entrepreneur which has become fairly popular among aspiring entrepreneurs.

In a move that’s equal parts light-hearted jest, publicity stunt and political statement, the agency has redesigned North Korea’s national symbols around the concept of love. In addition to a proposed new flag, postcards and a revamped official typography, Snask accompanied their work with an open letter in which they offer the Asian nation free use of their work on the condition they shift their political system to a democracy.

From their letter: “For a long time we’ve witnessed a world full of increasing anger and hate. Something that we see as the biggest enemy to a bright future. When it comes to your country nothing would make us happier than if you decided to become a democracy. After all the proven benefits are huge, but of course this is not up to us to decide. It’s only you who can take this decision to change. But instead of just standing by and watch we would like to give you something on the way.”

… a few paragraphs later they throw the singular deal on the table. “So we want to start by showing our love by giving you this identity and branding for free, but it comes with one condition. Prove to the world that you are a free democracy, and we will help you to implement this identity for free.”

North Korea, officially named The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is a highly centralised, autocratic state governed by the same family since 1948. Their rule is a totalitarian dictatorship documented by numerous organizations around the world as having committed grave human rights violations not seen anywhere else in the world.

Snask launched their “Love is Korea” initiative last year in November, and so far has not received an official response from the Korean Government.

You can visit their official website and download all the files for free.