This German music festival is installing a beer pipeline

Uncontroversial fun fact #34: Germany runs on beer. Perhaps the only group of people who love beer more than Germans are heavy metal fans.

In the northern German town of Wacken, which holds an annual heavy metal fest, the excessive demand for the amber fluid has been problematic.

The clean and crisp solution? Instal an underground beer pipeline.

The Wacken Open Air Festival is the world’s largest heavy metal festival, attracting over 75,000 thirsty revellers to a town which usually hosts just 1,800 residents.

Festival-goers are expected to drink more than 400,000 litres of beer, the delivery of which has been a challenge for organisers. The usual way of getting beer to all of the festival’s bars – heavy trucks or trolleys carrying kegs – has ripped up much of the grass.

It’s also taken way too long, and as you know, you never want to keep a thirsty metalhead waiting.

The pipeline has been installed underground, and has enabled the festivals bars to pour six beers per second – all without transporting a single keg.

The festival is renowned for its beer consumption. Patrons drink on average 5.1 litres of the stuff at the festival, which is almost double that of rival festival Rock Am Ring (3.1 litres per head).

Overall, the upgrades to the festival have cost around €1m ($AU1.5m). Protecting the beer pipeline from being tapped by metalheads might be another story, however.

This year’s performers at the festival, to take place on August 3-5, include Megadeth, Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper.