Now you can have a North Korean ‘waifu’, thanks to this strange dating simulator

What could be sexier than an ominously secretive dictatorship that demands nothing short of absolute loyalty and has a history of making people disappear?

Nothing, that’s what. At least that seems to be the thinking behind Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!, the latest in the long series of increasingly random dating simulation games to grace our screens.

The thing that makes this one especially unique is its setting. In the past, the dating simulators have featured such experiences as romancing a T-Rex, wooing an Alpaca, and getting hot and steamy with an office printer. This is the first time, however, that we’ve been taken to the oh-so-erotic realm of North Korea.

Developed by American software company DEVGRU-P, the game tells the story of a US army soldier returning home from a tour in Afghanistan in the year 2021 (yup that’s still happening apparently) when he decides to stop by North Korea to visit his pen pals Jeong and Eunji.

North Korean anime girls

‘Try and navigate your way through one of the world’s most tightly controlled dictatorships, with two cute soldiers by your side,” says the developers. “Avoid getting shot, executed, black-bagged, or tried for treason as you explore Pyongyang’s most famous tourist attractions.”

The company added: “Supports one-handed gameplay *wink wink*. We know what you’re here for.”

A North Korean anime girl

Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea! is now available on Steam for those who backed the project on Kickstarter last year. You can check on this page to get updates on a commercial release.

A North Korean anime girl

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