Designer makes beautiful typographic mosaics of all the places he visits

In his ongoing series Fauxsaics, designer Nick Misani commemorates his travels around the world, not with souvenirs, but with mosaics.

Misani, who is based in New York City, digitally manipulates the photos he takes using a process used for actual mosaic tiling. With this method, he creates stylish typographical designs of the cities he’s been to.

Some of these places include Los Angeles, Atlanta, Mexico City, and London.

“For a long time, I’ve been obsessed with lettering, interior design, and decorative arts,” Misani told Highsnobiety. “So mosaics—as an intersection between these three passions—have always been fascinating to me.”

You can see more from Misani by visiting his Instagram page. Art prints of the mosaics are also available for purchase here.