Dog interrupting a live broadcast is the only good news you need today

And now we turn the broadcast over to dog for updates on the treats shortage.

Last week, a Russian newscast was interrupted after a surprise guest – an adorable black Labrador – made an appearance.

Footage shows Mir24 TV anchorwoman Ilona Linarte talking about a demolition and renovation project in Moscow when the dog walks over to her desk and starts barking. Perhaps to announce breaking news about belly rubs and cats.

Linarte initially continues with her report but the dog – unsatisfied with his lack of airtime – hops onto the table and starts sniffing the journalist’s notes.

“I’ve got a dog here. What is this dog doing in the studio?” said Linarte while giving her new co-anchor a pat on the neck. “I actually prefer cats. Yeah, I’m a cat lady.”

While the pup hasn’t received any offers to be part of the broadcasting team, he’s already become quite the online celebrity. The video has received more than three million views – and lots more ‘awws’ in the past week.

And how exactly did the dog get there? As it turns out, the Labrador belonged to a guest from another segment, and he managed to escape.

This isn’t the first time a pooch has wandered on the set of a newscast. In 2014, an American bulldog named King interrupted a meteorologist’s weather segment, probably to tell the audience about raining cats and dogs.

Via The Dodo

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