Katy Perry makes a career switch, becomes live art exhibit in New York

If you thought Katy Perry couldn’t get any weirder, you are SO wrong.

Following her all too interesting music video for ‘Bon Appetit’, Katy Perry has become a live art exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York. Together with Vanity Fair’s ‘man on the street’ Derek Blasberg, Perry recreated the artwork for her latest single.

Setting up in a room at the museum in New York, Perry stuck her head through a hole in a picnic table and hid under a cloche. All the while, Blasberg was rounding up museum-goers to come into the mysterious room. Using her birth name of “Kathryn Hudson”, many were initially confused when the cloche was pulled away.

“this is like the 67th weirdest thing I’ve done,” the artist said in the video for Vanity Fair. Which leaves us to wonder, WHAT WERE THE OTHER 66 THINGS?!