Featured Image for There’s a tourist attraction in China with speed bumps for pedestrians

There’s a tourist attraction in China with speed bumps for pedestrians

Chinese authorities believe the ancient Taierzhuang water town in Zaozhuang is not appreciated enough, so they’ve installed hundreds of little speed bumps to get people to slow down and enjoy the view.

Photographs shared on the People’s Daily Twitter account showed a series of black-and-yellow speed bumps placed just one step away from the other at a scenic spot at the historical site.

Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the Taierzhuang water town in Zaozhuang, Shandong province is located along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It was built in 221 BC and is considered the world’s oldest artificial watercourse.

It stretches nearly 1,800km and was partially destroyed during the first Sino-Japanese war in the late 19th century. Taierzhuang was rebuilt in 2008 and is considered a popular stop among tourists.

There's a tourist attraction in China that has speed bumps for pedestrians. by Benjamin Pineros

In a lighthearted jest, state broadcaster CCTV made fun of the speed bump initiative on social media, suggesting the new path should be called the “washboard road” because of its passing resemblance to a traditional washboard.

Curiously enough, Chinese authorities are not the first to intervene in pedestrian pathways in an unusual way.

Earlier this year, authorities installed a grand piano in 7th Avenue, (or “Carrera Septima”) one of the busiest streets of downtown Bogotá, Colombia. The intention is to liven up the hectic metropolitan lifestyle and give any citizen anytime, the opportunity to chill out and play some tunes.

Last year in Augsburg Germany, the City installed rows of LED traffic lights on the pavement two months after a 15 year old girl was fatally hit by a tram while looking at her smartphone and wearing headphones. The red LED lights were installed to alert pedestrians who are looking down at their smartphones when it’s unsafe to cross.

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