Featured Image for Stephen King honoured with exclusive art showcase

Stephen King honoured with exclusive art showcase

A Los Angeles art gallery has paid tribute to the life and work of Stephen King.

Selling over 350 million copies of more than 50 novels, Stephen King will go down as one of the greatest authors of all time. He’s certainly the king of the American horror genre. With numerous film and TV adaptions to his name, the author will add two more (a remake of It and The Dark Tower) to the list in 2017. And now, thanks to the folks at Gallery 1988, King will have an art showcase in his honour.

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America’s number one gallery for pop-culture themed artwork has recently opened the ‘KING’ exhibition, which will run through until May 27. The gallery showcases artistic nods to King classics including The Strand, Creepshow, Carrie and It. The show allowed over 100 artists to chose their most adored movie adaption, book or short story, and design a poster, patch, print, pin or portrait that best pays tribute to its source.

Not only are items on display at the gallery but those unable to attend, can view (and purchase) the original works and prints via Gallery 1988 online.

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