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World’s biggest tight-arse sues his date for texting during a movie

America is one of the most litigious countries on this earth – but even by their standards, this is certifiably nuts.

A Texas man is literally suing his date after complaining that she was texting throughout the movie they were seeing together (it was Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, FYI)

Brandon Vezmar, filed a claim against a 35-year-old woman asking him to pay him back the $US17.31 for the movie ticket.

He claims she began texting some 15 minutes into the Chris Pratt-led sequel and used it at least ten times after that.

“It was kind of a first date from hell,” Vezmar told the American-Statesman. “This is like one of my biggest pet peeves.”

He allegedly asked her to go outside, which she did, but predictably she never came back.

“While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behaviour is a threat to civilised society,” the suit said.


The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, told the American Statesman,

“I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody…I’m not a bad woman, she said. “I just went out on a date.”

My take?

You’ve both been douchebags – texting during a date is a pretty shitty thing to do, but filing a lawsuit is borderline psychotic (and definitely worse…).

Maybe you guys deserve each other after all?

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