Watch: journalist’s GoPro saves him from a sniper’s bullet

Getting shot in the chest, only to find the bullet had been stopped by a small object. Sounds like a movie trope, but it actually happened recently to journalist Ammar Alwaely in Iraq.

Alwaely was dispatched at the frontline in Mosul when an ISIS sniper shot him in the chest. Luckily, he was wearing a chest-mounted GoPro, and the bullet was deflected.

Footage by fellow journalist Owen Holdaway shows Alwaely standing on the sidewalk when his GoPro suddenly bursts into dust.

“At first I did not know what happened,” Holdaway recalled. “I fell to the floor and could not turn around to see if Ammar was ok.

“Crawling along to behind the vehicle, I eventually looked up and saw it had hit my old GoPro that I had given him just a few days earlier.

“The explosion had smashed the camera, spraying plastic into his face and cutting his lip.

“I knew immediately, if it had not hit the camera, or been a few inches to the right, it would have hit his heart, and be fatal.”

After the incident, Alwaely was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor wounds and dehydration. As for the GoPro? Holdaway plans to get Alwaely a new one.

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