The meme eyelid is the hilarious #dank new makeup trend sweeping the Internet

When we say bizarre, we mean totally hilarious! If you’re stuck in a meme rut and don’t know how you could go further with your obsession of internet quotes, look no further than this makeup trend.

Basically, it involves taking the best memes and turning it into makeup. It’s pretty strange, but so is most of the internet – so we’ve decided to embrace the trend and have a good ol’ laugh.

If you’ve ever felt discomfort in the outside world, all you need to do is close your eyes and a meme will appear. It’s really the perfect thing.

Some of the memes recreated in makeup form include Salt Bae, Nick Young, and Merryl Streep.

Heck, they even included Spongebob memes. Lots of them.

The trend is only just beginning to take off now, so jump on board and make some people laugh.