Someone finally made a romper for the modern-day bro

“Now men will know how hard it is to strip down when they have to pee,” said every woman ever, probably.

On Kickstarter, a group of bros recently launched a clothing line that addresses the one thing that’s been missing in bro fashion since time immemorial. Introducing, the RompHim.

It’s basically a romper, except a romper for him – a romphim. Get it? Get it? ANYWAY, the snazzy collection features designs complete with a front shirt pocket, a zippered back pocket, a zipper fly, and deep front pockets.

According to the team behind RompHim, the idea for it came to them while they were having beers one night (of course) and they started talking about men’s clothing options.

Seeing as everything out there was either “too corporate… too fratty… too ‘runway’… or too basic,” they realised the romper was fun and stylish without compromising on comfort, fit, and versatility.

“But there was still one thing a romper didn’t have: a widely available version for men,” they said. “So we set out to fix that.”

While the concept of a romper for dudes might seem weird, the product has already raised nearly AUS$200K (US$100K) with still three weeks to go on Kickstarter.

Expect to see a RompHim at a frat party or music festival near you very soon.