Italy are legitimately giving away 100+ historic castles for free

And people wonder why we complain about the Australian property market.

Here in Sydney you can barely afford to rent a shoebox apartment 20km from the city without putting your newborn child down as a security deposit.

Meanwhile in bloody Italy, the government is literally giving away historically significant castles and villas.

For example, Castello di Blera in Lazio is up for grabs (an 11th-century castle on the outskirts of Rome) as is Castello di Montefiore (a 13th-century castle in the Marche region).

There is a small catch, though.

The castles and villas will only be handed out to people who prove that they’re going to restore and rejuvenate the sites in order to increase local tourism.

It’s all part of the Italian government’s ‘Strategic Tourism Plan’ to ease the burden on some of the country’s insanely crowded tourism hotspots like Venice and Rome.

“The project will promote and support the development of the slow tourism sector,” Roberto Reggi from the State Property Agency told The Local.

“The goal is for private and public buildings which are no longer used to be transformed into facilities for pilgrims, hikers, tourists, and cyclists.”

If successful, individuals and businesses will get the property rights for nine years with an option to renew for another nine years after that.

They also plan to include another 200 buildings if the project is successful.