Aussie dad punches Great White Shark in the face before telling it to “F**k off!”

You F**kin idiot! F**k off! Now, I’m no fisherman, but that’s not exactly how I would react after wrestling a great white shark from my fishing net. In fact, I probably would have let him have the damn net.

An Aussie bloke who was fishing with his son off the coast of South Australia has become a bit of an overnight hit on social media after footage from last year was finally posted online of him, quite literally, pushing away a shark while telling it to f**k off.

In probably the most casual encounter with one of natures deadliest animals you will ever see, David Wilks got into a bit of wrestle with the great white when the shark got caught up in the net trying to snag some fish from their haul.

While tugging at the net with one hand to break free, he used the other to get right up on the animal and push the shark away just centimetres from the chompers.

While not in the video, son Nic says that his dad was able to land a few swift haymakers right onto the pointer of the deadly catch.

“The shark hadn’t had enough so he came back, and when he was right by the boat, Dad tried to ward him off with a swift punch to the nose”, Nic told BuzzFeed.

“The shark didn’t like that very much and went berserk, and that’s when he grabbed onto the net.”

All you need is Men at Work playing in the background and a few stubbies of VB and you could have had the most Australian moment in the history of Straya.

Nic says that he and his father have come across plenty of sharks in their time out on the boat, but never have they had to deal with one like that.

The caption used by Nic on the Instagram video that has since blown up was simply “sharks are assholes and dad doesn’t like them very much.”

Fair point.